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What is Involved in Air Purification Services?

The enclosed residential or commercial premises may lack pure air. Dust is present in all types of premises and it is concentrated in certain areas. Dust is often a mixture of a variety of particles like dead skin, dirt, fibres, hair etc.


This can cause respiratory problems, allergies,and other health problems. We at Flood Services provide custom designed air purification services at cost-effective pricing.


What’sInvolved In Air Purification Services?


  • The use of vacuum re circulation to clean the polluted air all around the premises.
  • A vacuum cleaner has a purifier fan as well as a filtration The purifier fan sucks in impure air. A powerful cleaner has different modules to filter various elements. The pre-filter or coarse filter separates fine and coarse dust. The broad spectrum pellet filter is for gas and odour separation and a filter for suspended particles (particulate filter) works on bacteria and viruses.
  • The filtration of gases and odours is also done by using active carbon filters and aluminium oxide ceramic catalytic filters.
  • When the purification process is over, the important part of the process is to release the filtered air into the ambient air.
  • The application of filters depends upon the type of air purification needed depending upon the quality of ambient air.
  • When we receive your request for examining air, we do a spot analysis of the type of purification needed, and then use specific equipment. We then provide a suitable solution with the quote.
  • We also provide the necessary air purifiers on hire to meet your requirements.


Our company makes use of the latest tools & equipment in our work in order to provide you with detailed air purification services. For any more information, feel free to contact Flood Services at 1800 908 908. You can get a free quote online when you inquire.