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It is not often that homeowners face the unpleasant event of an overflow or sewage leak. It is quite often for them, however, to panic when it happens. A sewage leak or overflow at your home or business property will require you to hire a professional service for the proper cleaning of the area.

Without a professional sewage remediation Canberra service, you are in for a long day with all sorts of trouble

At Flood Services, our technicians are not only qualified but also highly experienced with years of involvement in all types of sewage clean-ups. We have the latest tools and equipment to complement our skills and experience.

The Vitality of Calling for Professional Sewage Cleaner Canberra

Dangerous contamination and unpleasant odors are results from sewage spills, which can be disastrous for your home or business. If you find yourself in the middle of such an event, it is important to call a professional service that knows how to deal with a contaminated environment.

The effect of a raw sewage spill makes an area in your home or business inhabitable. On top of the material damage, there are dangerous health risks that come with the sewage spill. Several types of bacteria and viruses will be a huge risk factor.

At Flood Services Canberra, we support a very methodical approach in our sewage work. Our team will first identify the primary cause of the backup. All of the sewage would be cleaned and extracted from your property and our team will then evaluate the extent of the damage. They will sterilize the space and disinfect everything

The Causes of Sewage Leaks and Overflow

When it comes to sewage leaks, there are a number of different common causes such as:

  • Flood and storm damage
  • Leakage from older plumbing
  • Blockages in the sewer pipes
  • Accidental damage

A sewage back-up may not occur a lot of times, but when it does occur, homeowners may find themselves in panic mode. A sewage overflow or leak on your Canberra business property or home requires immediate professional sewage cleanup Canberra services. A major sewage backup on your property can be overwhelming, but rest-assured a professional can deal with it properly.

There are a number of reasons why sewage backup problems need to be dealt with without delay:

  • Sewage spills can have a disastrous impact on your home or business. The sewage water can damage various features in your home.
  • It can cause unpleasant odours and contamination.
  • The sewage water can create the spread of diseases which act a serious health risk.
  • Other problems like mould build up will also start to surface in the affected areas

Since there are a number of different problems that can surface from sewage overflows and backups, it becomes necessary to hire the services of experienced sewage clean up experts like Flood Services Canberra immediately

The Solutions for Sewage Remediation Canberra

It is never a good idea to delay requesting for professional sewage clean up Canberra service, and every minute is precious. All in all, for those of you who live in Canberra area, please do not hesitate to book us as your sewage cleaner Canberra if you find any sewage water expanding on your property. We are here to help you regardless of the time of night or day you call us and have the supplies to handle each job expertly.

If you reside in Canberra, Flood Services Canberra is a primary sewage cleanup company Canberra in this field and provides industry-leading solutions to our clients.  At Flood Services Canberra, we have immense expertise in this industry and provide prompt, reliable and cost-effective sewage clean up services to both, residential and commercial customers. We have highly qualified and experienced technicians that use the latest tools and technology in the work. This helps ensure that we are able to provide efficient and reliable services to our clients.

We are available round the clock to provide reliable 24/7 emergency sewage cleanup services for our Canberra-based clients. We cater to both residential and commercial clients and prepare our nits so they reach your site within an hour. Without the assistance of professional sewage cleaning Canberra services, you would just be in for more trouble and a slow day.


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Focused on human and professional values, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our services. We make it a point of honour to satisfy our customers and provide them with a service that meets their expectations. This is why our experts benefit from regular training on the tools and equipment used on the daily basis.

Thanks to our responsiveness, we are available to quickly respond to your sites and are attentive to any request or suggestion from our customers. Always with this goal of satisfaction, a customer service representative is available at all times. It is the interface between the customer and the field team to control the smooth running of the service and ensure quality control.

We are particularly vigilant when it comes to recruiting new staff. All of our employees must be in line with the values of our company – it is a top priority for us to respect the safety rules. Our technicians will arrive at your site within the hour with everything needed and perform in a safe and efficient manner. Our supervisors are always on the look to note the quality of cleaning and evaluate the progress to make corrective actions.

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