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Wet carpet cleaning Canberra

As an expert and experienced water damage remediation Canberra-based company, Flood Services Canberra has what it takes to provide the best and the most effective treatments to our clients. When you hire us for this job, you have the assurance that seasoned professionals are handling all your carpet and underlay drying requirements.

Our thorough comprehension in how valuable carpets can be, it does not come just from a monetary viewpoint but also from a sentimental one too. Our prompt response and efficient working help ensure that your carpets are brought back to their pre-flood condition.

Flood Services Canberra is a unique company that distinguishes itself from other operators in this industry in a number of ways:

  • We serve a very large area and provide a wide range of storm and flood restoration for Canberra area
  • Regardless of where you are in Canberra, we will be at your location within the hour.
  • We adopt the most modern technology and use the latest techniques in our work, which improves the efficiency of our team.
  • All the work will be completed with regulatory requirements in view and to industry standards.
  • Our team of emergency Wet carpet cleaning Canberra experts are empowered to take quick decisions which helps keep them motivated. In turn, this ensures that our clients get the best services.
  • All our technicians undergo ongoing flooded Wet carpet cleaning Canberra training to keep their skills and knowledge sharp.
  • We are a highly committed company that makes no compromises on the quality of our work.
  • Every job is completed to the highest quality standards, which also helps us maintain the safety of our technicians and the environment.
  • We are focused on providing 100% satisfaction to our clients.

What Prompts Wet carpet cleaning Canberra Needs

Carpets are certainly a very common sights, either in the interiors of homes or commercial establishments. The reason why many homes have carpet in the common living areas as well as bedrooms is because the carpets add a level of comfort to the space. They are a great option for homes with very young kids that can hurt themselves if they stumble and fall on hard floors. In fact, carpets are almost a necessity in apartments as the sound from adjacent units can easily be carried through flooring or ceilings that have poor soundproofing.

Carpets provide good traction which makes the surface non-slip and helps prevent injury to staff, customers and visitors. In commercial areas like office spaces or high-end retail stores, carpets are typically used to soundproof the space as well as to be in line with specific insurance policies. Many other properties may also have wall-to-wall carpeting. Additionally, carpets also significantly increase the aesthetic value your property.

In case of any kind of flooding, carpets become one of the first casualties. This makes it very important to ensure that all the carpets and underlayment are quickly dried as this becomes the best way to salvage them. This is where Flood Services Canberra steps in

We are the storm and flood restoration Canberra experts that provide excellent carpet and underlay drying Canberra solutions. With years of experience behind us, we have what it takes to provide our clients prompt, reliable & cost-effective  carpet water extraction Canberra services. We cater to residential clients as well as commercial customers and can handle projects of any scale and complexity.

Wet carpet cleaning Canberra Services

Wet carpet cleaning Canberra procedure is never a standalone service. Once we have performed a thorough water extraction service Canberra, the next step is to mitigate the risk of mould growth. These are the steps Flood Services Canberra follow:

  • The entire area will be cordoned off.
  • The impacted spaces will be sealed using plastic and tape before commencing on any work. This helps prevent dangerous mould spores from spreading to the rest of the areas.
  • The powerful vacuuming machines not only extract all the water from the carpeting but the mould growth as well.
  • We never use dry vacuums in mould removal jobs, as that can potentially release mould spores into the air.
  • Our team will scrub and scrape all the areas and will also vacuum all the installations, features and furniture that has been affected by the mould.
  • Everything that has been removed from the indoor spaces would be put in plastic bags, labeled and then disposed of responsibly.
  • Once all of the areas have been dried completely, we will carry out the  storm damage restoration

How We Perform The Job Wet carpet cleaning

Our experts will be at your location within the shortest possible time when you call us in any kind of  emergency carpet cleaning Canberra. Our team of storm and flood restoration professionals will carry out a detailed inspection of the flooded carpet cleaning Canberra areas in order to determine how extensive the damage is. We use the latest and most advanced moisture measuring equipment in our work. This helps us get an accurate understanding of what the extent of the wet carpet Canberra damage is. Armed with this information, our team will then use powerful vacuuming equipment in order to perform a complete carpet water removal Canberra, quickly and efficiently.

Extracting all of the freestanding water becomes the most important step at this stage. The next stage involves placing dehumidifying equipment and commercial grade fans to facilitate complete and quick carpet drying Canberra process. The fast movement of air in the indoor spaces helps evaporate all the moisture out of your underlayment and carpets. If the underlay is wet, that too would be dried using the best techniques. After the space has been aired completely, we will apply antibacterial sprays in order to arrest mould growth.

Each of the decisions we make with our employees is governed by a strict code of conduct, we involve them in our quality requirement as all those who collaborate with us.

The quality of our services is finally based on the high-end equipment we use during our interventions. These tools allow us to be fast and keep the safety of our staff and the environment safe.

For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. That’s why we are committed to always being reliable and the fastest on the market while providing quality service.


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  1. Cordoning the area. Mould removal always requires you to start by sealing the area with plastic and tape before doing any work. This prevents the potentially dangerous mould spores contained in the work area itself, instead of distributing the mould throughout the house.
  2. A water vacuum cleaner will clean stagnant water and water-soaked surfaces, as well as vacuum the mould itself. Using a dry vacuum to remove mould because is not a good idea because it will cause the mould spores launch into the air.
  3. We will clean the area using everything we have. This can include scrubbing, scraping, cleaning dust and dirt with vacuum, and even the removal of construction materials, furniture and anything else affected by mould. Everything that is extracted from the area should be put in plastic bags and labelled before being disposed of.
  4. Making sure the area is dry is the last step. We make sure that we have thoroughly dried the area by using fans, dehumidifiers. If it does not dry completely before performing restoration work, it is very likely to have mould spread in your house again. If you have black mould, green mould, or any other type, call Flood Services so that we can provide you with a mould removal service as soon as possible. Do not forget your home and your health depend on this.

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