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Structural Drying

Water damage in Canberra is something that can surface suddenly. A notable amount of damage can be caused by physical disasters like storms and floods, or even a pipe burst, sewage backup, which unquestionably will demand a lot of trouble, effort, time and money to repair. Regardless of what has caused the damage, it is critical to ensure that you get structural drying service done without procrastination. In the most cost-effective way within the shortest period of time, professionals will help ensure that everything goes back to normal.

It may not be the best alternative if you opt to leave water damaged walls and concrete to dry out on their own. Slow drying can support further deterioration in the features which can cause constant damage to the structure. This kind of moisture-related damage is referred to as concrete cancer.

The criticality of the speed needed for the structural drying process is very high. Delaying this job can only result in widespread maintenance and repairs down the track which is why it is important to hire skilled workers like us at Flood Services Canberra for the job. With years of experience in this field, we have what it takes to provide residential and commercial clients prompt and reliable water damage mitigation solutions.

At Flood Services Canberra, we offer thorough structural drying solutions as part of our 24/7 Emergency Water Extraction Canberra services. You can depend on us to provide you with quick and competent services no matter where you are in Canberra. For all of you Canberra residents, contact us today.

Our Structural Drying Process

Comprehensive time-tested methodology and work methods in place are what we can guarantee you. These are particularly designed to ensure the work is performed within the shortest period of time, stopping the structural deterioration in its tracks. Some of the steps involved in our work process include:

  • Handling moisture meters to measure the damage.
  • Removing water using the latest equipment and tools.
  • Installing commercial grade fans for quick moisture evaporation.
  • Dehumidifying the air in order to prevent further damage.
  • Assuring that the ideal temperature is maintained to aid evaporation and dehumidification

No matter which way you look at it, our structural drying systems are designed to efficiently dry the structures and ensure that they are reinstated to their original state within the briefest possible time.

Why Flood Services Canberra?

  • We are extremely detail-oriented in our approach to every project. This is reflected in the manner in which our team handles the structural drying
  • We have advanced in the latest technology, benefit ourselves from time-tested techniques and sustain constant communication with our clients at every step. This goes a long way in providing you exceptional results.
  • While we never settle on the quality of our work you will find that our services are remarkably easy on the pocket which gives you value for money.
  • Our progressive solutions and diligent services are some of the things that differ us from other operators of water damage restoration Canberra area
  • While we recognize the significance of carrying out the job swiftly, every stage of the project is performed safely and without endangering the structural integrity of your home or commercial building.
  • All of the work will be carried out in compliance with existing standards.

The focus is on warranting that our structural drying services surpass our Canberra-based customer expectations. We always look to build stable working relationships with our clients

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We are highly professional in our approach and guarantee 100% fulfillment in every job we handle for you. Our team shares a great amount of regular training in order to upgrade their skills and knowledge. This increases their efficiency and they are able to accomplish the work to industry standards. Contact us for structure drying services before it is too late. For further information, feel free to contact Flood Services Canberra.


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  1. Cordoning the area. Mould removal always requires you to start by sealing the area with plastic and tape before doing any work. This prevents the potentially dangerous mould spores contained in the work area itself, instead of distributing the mould throughout the house.
  2. A water vacuum cleaner will clean stagnant water and water-soaked surfaces, as well as vacuum the mould itself. Using a dry vacuum to remove mould because is not a good idea because it will cause the mould spores launch into the air.
  3. We will clean the area using everything we have. This can include scrubbing, scraping, cleaning dust and dirt with vacuum, and even the removal of construction materials, furniture and anything else affected by mould. Everything that is extracted from the area should be put in plastic bags and labelled before being disposed of.
  4. Making sure the area is dry is the last step. We make sure that we have thoroughly dried the area by using fans, dehumidifiers. If it does not dry completely before performing restoration work, it is very likely to have mould spread in your house again. If you have black mould, green mould, or any other type, call Flood Services so that we can provide you with a mould removal service as soon as possible. Do not forget your home and your health depend on this.

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