Flood Services Insurance

We understand that experiencing water damage caused of any kind whether it is floods or a pipe leak is not a pleasant event. In case the unfortunate has happened to you, your insurance may be able to cover the costs. Give us – Flood Services a call and we will be at your property promptly. Sparing no effort, we will make sure to get your residential or business property back to its normal state.

We collaborate with all the major insurance companies. We always go the extra mile to serve you in the best way possible. Helping you through the claim process, we will be there for you at all times. Insurance claims aren’t easy and we know that. That is why we offer you our robust services.

We will be providing you with photos, reports and any other required documents to ease your process with the insurance company. At the end of the task we will also send an invoice and all relevant documentation to the insurance company.

Its always best to call an independent flood restoration service provider before calling the insurance because in some cases it isn’t worthwhile going through and opening up a claim until the damage has been assessed as it can impact on future insurance premiums, so it is always best to have an initial assessment performed by our assessor and advise best method moving forward.

We handle entire process from initial assessment, gather evidence, drying and recovery process, moisture readings, damaged inventory, reporting and negotiating the maximum claim your entitled to. As we work for you not the insurance company who allocate contractors to reduce and cut cost which in turn can affect the quality of the services.

Insurance will also pressure you to use their contractor because of the following reasons: they have pricing agreements with the contractor who are all fighting to undercut each other for the job. By cutting cost down will in turn affect and compromise the quality of work. They are working for the best outcome for the insurance not you.

There is nowhere in the insurance policy that states that you are obliged to use there flood contractors, by law you have every right to choose your own Flood Restoration provider who can provide you with what your entitled to without comprising the quality of work. Because your properties are the largest investment and we don’t comprise on that.

We also guarantee our restoration services.  Its important to have someone working on your side who can provide 24/7 Flood Restoration Support and can be onsite within the hour. This is something the insurance can’t provide,  as they don’t provide after-hours services and insurance give you a response time of 48 hours which is insufficient in these emergency situations as further structural damage and mould issues can occur while waiting, as mould can grow because of moisture within this 48-hour period and in cases mould will not be covered by the insurance, that’s why its paramount to have a independent Flood Services professional attend onsite within the hour to prevent further potential damage and out of pocket cost because insurance won’t cover. Remember when performing restoration services and claim negotiations we work for you the client, not the insurance company and you have every right to choose your own flood services provider.

If you require our Local Flood Services please give a call available 24/7.