Types of Water Damage

If water floods an area or leaks for various reasons, it can end up causing damage to your property. In situations such as these, you’d have to call water damage experts to address the flooding or leakage problems.


Water damage is classified in three ways. It is useful to know what these categories include because you and our restoration experts can decide which precautions need to be taken while working on these problems.


Just as all water is not the same, there is no fixed way to classify it . When grey water gets more contaminated, it will be termed as “black water”. We at Flood Services provide efficient & prompt water damage treatment solutions and cater to both, commercial and residential clients.


Types of Water Damage


  • Clean Water- Clean water is free of contaminants, is potable and not harmful when it comes into contact with living organisms. It is received from a supply line of potable water.


  • Grey Water- Grey water is not potable and therefore unfit for consumption. As it is unsanitary and contaminated to some extent, it has dangerous micro-organisms that can slowly turn this grey water into black water, if not cleaned up. It is a professional’s job to clean it up.


  • Black Water-Black water does not necessarily look black. It can be clear in appearance and odorless too. It is called black because it is not only unfit for consumption but can result in serious illnesses or death if consumed. No matter how the water looks, when it is contaminated by bacteria, pathogenic waste, chemicals, pesticides, urine etc. a water professional should be called to decontaminate it.


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